The Author

The author, James B. Tippin, Jr., was born in the
outback of Indian River County, Florida in 1928. He
graduated from Vero Beach High School as president of
his class, associate editor of the school newspaper, and
Editor-in-Chief of the class yearbook. Tippin graduated
from Florida State University in 1950 as president of the
student body and entered active duty in the United States
Army. Shortly thereafter he married his coed sweetheart,
Elizabeth Edmondson of Sarasota, Florida. She died of
cancer in 2011.
Following graduate study at Florida State University’s
School of Government, Tippin was appointed in 1955 as
head of a new constitutional, crime countermeasures
agency, under the aegis of the Florida Supreme Court,
and remained at that post for 22 years. He was recruited
to a similar post in California in 1977, reporting in San
Francisco on August 12 of that year and retiring in 1990.
In 1994 the Supreme Court of Florida honored Tippin for
his service to the State of Florida in the naming of its
then new administrative building.
Tippin remains steadfast in his conclusion that the glue
that held his family together during the dispirited days of
the Great Depression was the friendship, indomitable
courage, guidance and fiscal resources of Katherine
Storm, MD of Perkasie, PA. Born at the outbreak of the
Civil War, she enjoyed real success as a surgeon in
Philadelphia and as an innovative industrialist. She was
killed in an automobile accident in 1938. Tippin has
dedicated this book to her memory.

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