The Book


Containing plenty of sunshine, calcium, phosphorus and
vitamin D, Florida was available to all at no cost. DO
NOT BE MISLED, however! The Great Depression came
to Florida at least two years prior to the Wall Street
crash of the stock market. Tippin relates it all from the
experiences of his childhood in Brevard, Indian River, St.
Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties of Florida. Tippin
recounts history from memories made richer by his
deep research into the whys and wherefores which
make up this history. Tippin’s home lay within Storm
Groves, Vero Beach, Florida, now the site of modern
Storm Grove Middle School.
You will travel along, with callused feet, overalls layered
with patches of colors and patterns, and various periods
of wear, wired-together shoes, shirts made from feed
sacks, absence of electricity, radio or telephone, and a
daily 32-mile one way school bus ride to the awful
interruption known as “first grade”. Tippin will make
you laugh. Though some names have been changed, he
tells the truth—at once horrible and hilarious.
Tippin had a dedicated partner in the majority of the
days between 1928 and 1942, named “Jerry,” a
conceited, handsome and huge Black Lab puppy whose
daddy belonged to Tom Mix, of Hollywood fame. Tippin
relates the death of his canine buddy, during the late
1930s, possibly causing some to weep. But, surely all
will experience a compulsion to stand and offer a
precise, military salute.
Tippin muses that he may raise the ire of some, though
not intended. The apparent attempt to stifle the news of
the intrusion along the Indian River by the horrors of
“Infantile Paralysis”, later named “Polio” during the
1930s, ended a number of long term friendships. His
father’s nearly maniacal resistance to the building of a
cross-Florida barge canal, during the mid-1930s had
made the senior Tippin a hero to locals, and a “spoiler”
to some in national political prominence.

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